Equipment For The Science Industry

As broad as the science industry is, there are thousands of pieces of equipment that are used on a daily basis for certain pieces of research. Below we have listed some of our favourites and those that we have worked with. Click here for engineering materials.

Ultra High Vacuum Viewports

UHV viewports are used for optical reasons and are used mainly for visual or broad band energy transmission in and out of UHV systems.

There are a number of uses for vacuum viewports, including:

  • To view samples
  • Optically sense samples
  • To process devices in a vacuum system
  • To couple radiation for sampling, processing or measuring

Viewports can be manufactured with a range of window materials from specialist glass for an optical viewing to high tech materials that are customised for specific applications. Here at Opragen, we recommend Moores Glass as they have over 40 years experience in this field. See: Viewport Materials.

Digital Melting Point Apparatus

Melting point apparatus is designed to be economic and of ease. It is used with a precise thermostat control system so you can see what is exactly going on through the digital display. Find out more.

The Digital apparatus can measure two samples simultaneously, allowing your work ethic to become faster and easier. It also has two heating speeds to help make measuring much more convenient. Measurement ranges from ambient to 300ºC.

Grant Optima

Grant Optima is high performance heating circulator software that has been formed with a powerful combination so the set-up, monitoring and data logging is straightforward and simple. Contact us.

In addition, it also features real time status windows – a graphic screen to display the circulators performance throughout the running of a programme. The data can also be logged for recalls in the future. Click here.

Below are some of the display and logging features:

  • Temperature and time profile on display
  • Real time zoom and scaling of display
  • Can store programmes to disk

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