Equipment For The Science Industry

As broad as the science industry is, there are thousands of pieces of equipment that are used on a daily basis for certain pieces of research. Below we have listed some of our favourites and those that we have worked with. Click here for engineering materials.

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Ethics On Renewable Energy

Renewable energy will take over us as a nation over coming years. It will soon become second nature to buy renewable energy products rather than it being something new and expensive. The government are pushing it so take advantage of this opportunity for your business. Read the rest of this entry »

Engineering Materials

We are helping to promote awareness of the variety of engineering materials available and the progress that has been made in the engineering industry over recent years.

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Denial in Engineering

DENIAL of authorship, misrepresentation in a curriculum vitae, misuse of grant money, denial of access to biological specimens, theft of patent rights ˜ these are just some of the things I have ben informed about over the past several months in long discussions with a few scientists and engineers.

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